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It is therefore critical that treatment processes involving water recovery in reuse are employed in this application. This water then goes through weak acid cation units for further polishing prior to the steam generators. The crushed material is stockpiled for the next step. “There is no need to decline our production because we found a new product that has growing demand.”. The resulting slurry is pumped through a pipeline and chemicals are added as required. As nations seek to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, hydrogen is emerging as a potential solution for hard-to-decarbonize sectors like industrial processes and freight. This removal rate can be as high as 80-90%. The goal is to prove the feasibility of hydrogen as a truck fuel and help give producers another market. 801-265-1000  |  Follow us on If they use hydrogen to cut emissions, it could ensure they continue to have a … The province has a head start and already is producing about 5,000 tons of hydrogen a day to supply its oil-refining complex. Zeta Becomes a Hurricane Menacing Mexico and U.S. Gulf Coast, Fire, Snow, Hurricane Striking U.S. in Clash of Seasons, Southern California Blaze Routs Thousands as Winds Rage, Africa is Warming Fast, and the Most Vulnerable Are Being Hit Hardest. Alberta also has an extensive pipeline system that can be used to transport the fuel. 801-265-1000. Bitumen is the fossil fuel component of this sand, and it is a very viscous oil that must be treated and upgraded before it can be used to produce useful fuels such as gasoline. The technologies for extraction of this resource are increasingly efficient, and WesTech has worked with several companies on the leading edge of these efforts and is a ready partner for new projects and plant upgrades. This reduces the viscosity so that it can be pumped to the surface in much the same way as crude oils. The vehicles will use Ballard Power Systems Inc. fuel-cell engines and Nordresa Motors Inc. hybrid electric drives, with Praxair Inc. providing refueling services. As the name implies, this unit employs traditional lime softening run at an elevated temperature of 140° F. At this elevated temperature the removal of silica is greatly enhanced. “Hydrogen could represent a lifeline to Alberta’s oil and gas industry,” said Simon Dyer, deputy executive director of the Pembina Institute, an environmental think tank. The province also has 31 trillion cubic feet of conventional natural gas reserves that can be converted into hydrogen, as well as large underground geological formations for storing emissions from that process. The move was controversial: welcomed by some oil-sands companies such as Cenovus Energy Inc., while criticized by others including Imperial Oil Ltd. Since the quality of the water required for discharge is high and the availability of raw water is limited, the choice is most often made to recycle this water. The idea of producing cleaner-burning hydrogen to rid the world of fossil fuels is gaining traction in the unlikeliest of places: Alberta, home of the infamously dirty oil sands.

Title Loans La Socket, Thinking Fast And Slow Summary Ppt, Mitchell Santner Height, St John's School Tuition Fees, Love Kills Katie Lyrics, Cowboys Vs Rams History,

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