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"[18] “[W]hat a messy load it is,” wrote Pace University professor Judith Schlesinger in The Baltimore Sun. “I don’t know why that’s the one that gets people addicted to heroin,” she said. And it’s crazy to think we’re going to save everything we’re losing, because there’s no impulse towards saving them. Tuesday 08/09/1994 A discussion about Woodstock and whether such a spontaneous event could be re-created, with John Roberts, promoter of Woodstock and Woodstock '94, documentary filmmaker Michael Wadleigh, author Elizabeth Wurtzel, 60s historian … It’s not that hard to write about Donald Trump, or for that matter Afghanistan. I’m trying to think of what I’m encouraged by. Even so, her propulsive rise to celebrity status, helped by a series of iconic photographs, came to encompass aspects of the cautionary tale. Did you come up with the title of Prozac Nation? So you don’t write to be controversial, but you don’t care that you are. Now all these people with their fucking sympathy cards—I want to say to them, where were you when I needed you, when I could not stop crying for 10 years? Elizabeth Wurtzel, the famously clinically depressed and drug-entrapped author of Prozac Nation and the new Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women (Doubleday, $23.95), showed a tidbit of her "difficult woman" persona by keeping me a half-hour in the lobby of her Boston hotel while she, in … I was very sick of everything I was trying to write, and I didn’t feel like writing anything anymore. When you’re writing purely emotional stuff, it’s just never good. You can’t just invent yourself on Instagram and that’s it. But what could she possibly say? In movies, they are given imaginary power.". The 41-year old with the persistent ex-boyfriend is the author of Prozac Nation and Bitch. Some of that was fun. I couldn’t put it down. It’s a pointed thing. [42][7] The couple later separated, but remained close. "Sharon is good playing someone really cold, but she's never a caricature of an icy woman. By then, she was battling addiction, which would become the topic of her third book, More, Now, Again (2001). I don’t remember it being a burning thing. In contrast, Bruce Springsteen proved "the Boss" by reading Prozac Nation, inviting her backstage after a concert, and writing her a pensive letter about how, as you get older, you learn to deal with your darkness. Sympathy is an insult. Prozac Nation, about herself single and depressed, will become a movie directed by her close friend actress Mare Winningham. And I felt like if I went to law school, people would be rational. Do you have friends who are artists or writers that motivate you? Elizabeth Wurtzel’s cellular phone is ringing, and she doesn’t want to deal with it. I trained her to be a therapy dog, and she walked without a leash. Like the most wretched thing you can be diagnosed with. They’re getting it from somewhere. Despite her literary talent, pervasive depression, suicide attempts, brushes with fame, and encounters with notoriety, Ms. Wurtzel is now a successful and seemingly stable adult working in a powerful attorney’s office. I can’t get another dog now because I have a whole bunch of stuff to go through, so I don’t have enough time—. And I don’t need your sympathy card! But now you have the opposite problem, that you need therapy, and people just hand you medication. Even this is not that bad. Right when you feel the Me Too movement has gotten somewhere, it hasn’t gotten very far at all. A friend of mine was going through a very serious case of breast-cancer at the same time as a ‘celebrity’ was, who was on the red carpet in expensive dresses, and would get photographed as a glamazone for all sorts of magazines etc, and my friend said she felt like it took away her right to feel sick and complain about it when she was puking her guts out during chemo. But you know what I mean. They have cold caps now, so you don’t lose all your hair. In 2004, she applied to Yale Law School. The last book I read was Martin Amis’s book about Auschwitz, and I loved it. But I always felt like if they knew me, they wouldn’t necessarily like me, but they would realize that it wasn’t worth the trouble of being so annoyed. A critic for The New York Times characterized her contributions to the former publication as "unintentionally hilarious. I’m actually over SVU. It’s a very hard life. But the more I think about it, the more I think it’s a book. Maybe this will all fall apart. If you don’t constantly deny your experience, you will go crazy. And if your stance in Creatocracy is your stance, you don’t really care. What does that say? I got her when I was 36 and she was just a baby. But it was awful, it’s the worst kind of problem to have, because you’re awful, you’re hideous. Was the NYMag piece the one you wrote about beauty? I wanted the book to be called “I Hate Myself and I Want To Die.” And everybody was against that! I used to know a lot of writers and we’d hang out but I did feel like we were all very depressed and that it was not necessarily the healthiest thing. Then I got that text, in which she explained that she’d just had surgery, and that the site of her implant-preparing spacers had gotten infected, requiring another surgery and post-operative drainage. Hi. On her shoulders, a dramatic fur coat. [15], Wurtzel's first book after Prozac Nation was titled Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women (1998). They in no way tried to shield me from their problems, from how much they hated each other. Her second book, Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women, a 1998 collection of essays exploring some of history’s most complicated women, and depicting a topless Wurtzel giving the world the finger on its cover, did not do as well as hoped. Memoir Finally Hits Bottom", "Elizabeth Wurtzel Doesn't Reveal Enough About Herself (No, Really! It was factually accurate but I don’t think it had the spirit of the book. I’ll tell you something that I haven’t written about but it’s driving me crazy — -all these potential Obama cabinet nominees, and right now there’s only one person working in the Treasury Dept., because everybody who he wants to nominate has a tax problem. What was your thought process when you were selling Prozac Nation? The argument is inconsistent and selective in a way that feels deliberate: Creatocracy is copyright law explained through fireworks, a book that swivels between provocation and sweeping pronouncement in the service of a tricky historical determinism. I published a book about being a drug addict in Florida. She had cancer, actually. I would write for a few hours, and then I would go to the mall. Impossible to ignore, she worked as a music journalist before publishing her explosive memoir, Prozac Nation, in 1994 when she was 27. "[13] Dwight Garner wrote in that her column "was so roundly despised that I sometimes felt like its only friend in the world. He had to do a lot to maintain his reputation as a person who was hiding from the crowd. But living for someone else, that’s really pathetic. I start in April. Is it purely about the text? A handpicked selection of stories from BBC Future, Culture, Worklife and Travel, delivered to your inbox every Friday. She died in January. I’ll tell you something. Like suddenly all these people are bipolar. And it was a blood thing for her, it was too late to do anything. The music industry has the better idea. Does the son’s shirtless selfie have anything to do with whether or not the father met covertly with a Ukrainian oilman? Every word counts. It was the name of a chapter, and then my editor thought it should be the title. It’s weird that you wouldn’t at every opportunity try to connect with the people who love your work. "Why do we assume that Glenn Close is so necessarily unreasonable? Do you have plans to write another book proper? You can bestow it upon people rather easily.

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