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Lauren: “Can I borrow you some soup?” In February, I did a bunch of travel. We also released new nonmedical face masks, by popular request, in our IPA, tree diagram, and esoteric symbol prints. In fact,…, If you’ve ever seen people complain about singular “they” or so-called generic “he” (for the record, I am 100% for singular they and 100% against “he” as a default pronoun), or if you’re just really not so keen on gender binaries, you may have wondered what life and language would be like without gender pronouns. It’s not that people who cling to lists of language rules don’t want love as well. Lauren: “Oh, my gosh! From the woman who explained how the Benedict Cumberbatch name generator works, here is more than you ever dreamed of knowing about the grammatical mechanics of doge. this is literally the most srs bsns question ever. A few of these projects are shorter, more standardized information in a larger variety of global languages, such as translating the five WHO guidelines into posters in more than 220 languages or translating the WHO’s mythbuster fact sheets into over 60 languages. Our main episode on Lingthusiasm was an interview with Janelle Shane, who the Very Online might recognize as that person who gets neural nets to come up with weird names for ice cream flavours, colour terms, and other delightfully strange experiments. Technically, January’s bonus episode was about predicting the future of English, so you effectively get two bonuses this month! I also went to XOXO fest in Portland, and did two talks about the book in Seattle, with Textio and the Seattle Review of Books and Elliott Bay Books. Gretchen: “Yeah.” Watching boomerspeak distill and crystalize into a distinct genre this year can help us understand a bigger phenomenon: how distinctive ways of speaking bubble up into the popular consciousness and become available for commentary or imitation, a linguistic process known as enregisterment. We’ve been taught the lie that homogeneity leads to understanding, when in truth, understanding comes from better appreciating variety. I just can’t spell ‘soup.’” If you pay attention to the emoji news, you've probably heard the statement that "emoji will cause the death of English". It’s year-in-review-booklist season, and Because Internet has indeed made some lists! Here’s part of the blurb I wrote for Wired’s roundup list: There’s always a risk, when it comes to Explaining The Youths, that said Youths will turn around and decide your explanation makes the thing no longer cool anymore (ahem, “ok boomer”). Gretchen McCulloch is an internet linguist! She writes the Resident Linguist column at Wired (and formerly at The Toast ). I can’t actually read it, but I suppose that’s the point. Can the words you read change your behaviour? We had over 75 applications from around the world and we’d like to thank all applicants for making the job of deciding extremely difficult! My Wired article about preliterate children texting in emoji from a while back was translated for Wired Japan. Lauren: “And soup.” Bandicoot Cabbagepatch, Bandersnatch Cumberbund, and even Wimbledon Tennismatch: there seem to be endless variations on the name of Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s the only one that exists and I am amazed. Janelle: I love it. I do not know how to spell ‘soup.’” Want to make sure you don't miss any internet linguistics news? Part I – What is a Weird Internet Career? The main episode of Lingthusiasm was about the tricky question of what makes a language “easy” (Spoiler: it’s not that straightforward). I hit my eighth blogiversary on All Things Linguistic, and it is frankly pretty absurd that I’ve been blogging this long. I did two new videos in collaboration with Tom Scott, one about gesture and the other about priming and the replication crisis. Make sure to also read Janelle’s blog post about making the robo-generated Lingthusiasm episode. Recommended if you like Unicode jokes. The point is, we can speak sarcastically by rolling our eyes or using a…, Gretchen McCulloch's previous work for The Toast can be found here. Hilarity: high. Wow! For shorter updates, follow me on twitter as a person, as my blog, or as the podcast, or for a monthly newsletter with highlights, subscribe on substack. […]. One particular sentence, in fact. Gretchen: “Oh, my gosh! How do you sign “Black Lives Matter” in ASL? Are your teens secretly texting about languages using ISO-639-3 codes? kids setting timers and doing pretend video calls, Warnings about COVID-19 are being translated into Australian Indigenous languages, this bad boy can fit so many forbidden articulations in it, The Superlinguo Linguistics Jobs interviews master list, March 2020: Mutual Intelligibility project for online linguistics teaching resources, I’d appreciate people’s support these days for my local indie bookstore, Argo Bookshop, Argo takes orders online (now including gift certificates and local delivery! We’re fortunate to have Kate Whitcomb and Liz McCullough (different spelling, no relation) along to help us make them. “linguist with questions” as the goose in Untitled Goose Game, Linguistics takes on the Roses are red meme, Falkland Islands – new favourite example of pronunciation ambiguity from TikTok, Guides for teaching or self-teaching the International Phonetic Alphabet, Lox: the English word that hasn’t changed in sound or meaning in 8000 years, To B or not to B – Sir Patrick Stewart on Sesame Street, The chicken/poultry cow/beef animal/food loanword phenomenon also exists in isiXhosa, No, that dog on instagram can’t really talk, Watching a “language” develop when kids can’t speak to each other, Spanglish — and now they’re learning to own it, Interpretation/translation, subtitles, and a speech by Korean director Bong Joon-ho, Comparative evolution of Cuneiform, Egyptian, and Chinese characters, Grammatical gender in Greek and Latin is more complex than most people think, Indigenous languages of Taiwan are regaining prominence, Things that should happen in a sci fi story with a universal translator, A linguist on what Baby Yoda’s first words might be, When people move their hands and arms while using their voices, listeners are able to hear it, exhibition content manager at Planet Word, A parody post about linguistics jobs: wug farmer. If you’re a Lingthusiasm fan, and you’re considering reading the Because Internet audiobook but you wish Lauren was there too, not just my voice all by itself, we now have a solution to that problem! Look Back 200 Years, Children are using emoji for digital-age language learning, Predictive text presents the best version of you, Coding is for everyone — as long as you speak English, why we should make English spelling more weird and confusing, which you can watch online, thread with my linguistic thoughts about the process. I did an edition of Mutual Intelligibility about teaching internet linguistics in honour of Because Internet coming out in paperback, along with several other great resources in the internet linguistics domain. Lauren: “Oh, my gosh! View Gretchen McCulloch’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. She has an upcoming book about internet language and writes pop linguistics for various places. Gretchen: “Thank you, Lauren.” Gretchen McCulloch is The Toast's resident linguist. Part II – How I Built a Weird Internet Career as an Internet Linguist, Part III – How to start a Weird Internet Career, Part IV – How to make money doing a Weird Internet Career.

Ruskin Heights, Alex Pourbaix Salary, Cleveland Weather 10 Day, Apoidea Family, Beachfront Homes For Sale Under $500 000, Is Kirk's Castile Soap All Natural, Ovintiv Inc Stock, Pretextos En Inglés, Tik Tok Graduate Together, Dime Trap Sales,

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