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It was used in an Italian poem by the famous Italian poet Torquato Tasso. This name is a variant of Caroline. Italian names originated in Latin or … The name of a person is a permanent entity that stays with her for the entire lives. See also Annabell. Spend some time to read through the baby name ideas we have collected and check out Mother&Baby's picks of the best Italian baby names in the gallery below: 1) Alba Using a famous last name as a first name is a trend on the rise. From Latin word. Based on Greek language. It is a prevalent name in all western countries. Let’s check out Italian girl names together. Combination of Anna and Belle. This name is derived from the name of the Bay laurel tree. There’s also Gabriella , whose shortened form of Briella has appeared more often. Ysabella1, Sabella, Izabella, Isobella, Isabella1▲, Bella2▲ Var. It comes from the common name “Michaela”, which is a female version of Michael. This name is often shortened as Angela. Derived fr. We love Giada, the Italian form of Jade, and see a window of popularity for Blanca, a colorful pick meaning “white.” If you’re looking for something rare with happy roots, check out Allegra, a melodic moniker meaning “cheerful.”. Annabella3 Form of Anne. Derivative of Hebrew. Trying to find Italian girl names for your new daughter? Here are 10 new baby names you probably haven't heard of before, 20 gorgeous baby names inspired by space and the stars, 11 super-cute baby girl names your friends will wish they had thought of first, 11 baby names that are perfect for parents who like to stand out, 20 'Marmite' baby names which people either love or hate, Due in October? Lucia 12. Latin, French words. of Melina. Like many other popular Italian names, Luciana is also used in Spanish-speaking countries as well as Portugal, although its roots are very much It is said to come from the word "lux," which means "light.". Mona and Roma are short, plucky picks with a strength similar to Sloane, and we can see either fitting a little girl with an exuberance for life. Parenting.Firstcry.com accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. of Dulce. Jezabella was not a Top birth name in 2018. Unusual. According to the Hebrew language, it means “lioness”. It is a Greek language word that means “the taming one”. Mia 5. Miryam refers to “of the sea”. This name has a positivity embedded in it and is an adorable baby girl name. A unique name with its roots in Roman mythology; it means ‘sunrise’. What Is A Vagina Massage and Why Are People Getting Them? It is a name that signifies the beauty of the beholder. of Isabel. Unconventional. It is a trendy name in most of the English-speaking countries all over the world. A feminine form of Angelus, this name has its origin in the Greek language and means “God’s messenger”. This name refers to “lady of mine”. Annabella2 Var. The famous namesake is a famous Italian actress, Claudia Cardinale. Jezabella Form of Jezebel. The famous namesake is the Allegra Versace, the owner of the brand Versace. Summary Index of names [and variants] for -bella names for girls. Whether you have Italian roots or you simply love the way Italian names roll off the tongue, there are many choices of Italian names for your baby boy or girl. of Anabel. Best Italian Girl Names (With Meanings) For Your Beautiful Baby. This beautiful name has a Latin origin and means “golden”. It refers to a “good talker or orator”. A positive name inculcates the positive vibrations in the kid, and he grows into a person with the same positive mind. These Italian names carry a beautiful essence associated with each one of them. This name originated from the word “Isabel”, which means “promise of God”. The top Italian baby names in the US today are Isabella for girls and Leonardo for boys. When can you expect your little bundle to arrive? 8. Prominent, with usage of 1.199% for Bella and variants as baby names in 2018, but lower than 1.224% in 2017. It is a famous name in the English literature as it was the name of Julius Caesar’s first wife. "Beautiful." Greek word. Its origin is in the Latin language, and it means “reborn”. Thus, choosing a name for your baby girl is very important and must be done with the utmost attention. As per the Roman mythology, Diana is believed to be the Goddess of hunting, moon and childbirth. Its meaning is “the lucky one”. The notable name bearer of Valentina is the first woman to land up in the space, Valentina Tereshkova. This name has existed in various forms for centuries, and although popular in Italy today, it actually dates back to ancient Greece. It is a Latin word that means “a queen”. There is more to the name, Bella, than its association with sparkly Twilight vampires. You can capture Ella’s styling with the vintage cutie Etta, or update the 90s favorite Danielle with the delicate Daniella. "Beautiful Christian." Alessia, and other related names, are derived from the Greek word "alexo" which means "to defend, to help.". You’re excited for your newborn daughter to make her arrival. Delos is a beautiful island, where Goddess Artemis was born. Arabella (#174), Bella (#48) and Isabella (#4) are three of the more contemporarily stylish girl names in this compilation, while Gabella (TOP 96%) and Disabella (75%) are popular -bella last names. It is a trendy name in the royal families. It means “derived from Mars”. Loretta: Beautiful Italian Baby Girl Names With Meanings, 100 Unique & Popular Italian Baby Names for Boys, 120 Most Popular and Unique Gender Neutral Names For Baby, Parallel Parenting – Benefits and Tips to Make It Successful. See Also: 100 Trendy French Names And Their Beautiful Italian Girl Names. This name refers to a feeble woman. It is also the name of a Roman goddess. Anella is a slightly prominent birth name. The home of pizza. If you are a fan of unique Italian girl names, we present to you the list of traditional Italian baby girl names from which you can choose the best one for you little angel. The old Italian girl names are charming and pleasant. Abella - Melibella | Mirabella - Yabella Arabella▲, var. If you’re here, that means you’re considering an Italian baby name. "Bright, famous." Compare Anabella, Annabella and common last names Abella (UPPER 10%), Acocella (28%), with the -lla suffix. It refers to “olive”. Italian girl names are forever in style, with Isabella dominating the charts in recent years. This name is a feminine form of Renatus. It is a very different and rare name that has its origin in the Greek language. This name originates from the Greek language and refers to a “Queen”. It is a variant of Vivian. Orbella, Orabella, Bella1▲, Arbella Derivative of Latin. Alessia, Lessi, Sandra, and Ally are just some of the awesome options. Bella and variants became more popular in 2018, rising on average +1 position as children's names with Bella leading the rise. Valeria’s “strength and vigor” is a solid foundation, while Viviana’s “alive” is wonderful for capturing your little’s one’s spirit. Hebrew language. Cornelius is another variant of this name with the same meaning. A very different name for a girl. The feminine form of Valentine and really just a lovely sounding name, we think. You should always keep in mind the personality that you want your kid to develop while choosing a name for them. For more inspiration, check out the list of the best Italian girl names below. It is a beautiful name that can be shortened to Mari or Mary. It is a lovely name for a baby girl, and it means “honour”. It is a name given to a girl who is a virgin. Etta: 5. Gabriella 8. "He (God) has favored me." This name is associated with bravery and gallantry. Labella is uncommon as a girls' name among the versions of Bella. Corabella2 Form of Kora. The more popular Latin version of this name is Veronica. The Italian version of the Greek moniker Helenē, (of Troy – remember? of Annabel. Crystabella, Cristabella, Christabella Forms of Christabel. From perennially popular picks like Isabella and Gianna to the rare diamonds in the rough of Cosima and Alessa, Italian baby girl names are rich with beauty. It is the name of the world’s biggest continent. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. It is a Greek word that means “resurrection”. Gemma is a rhyming twin to Emma, and her energetic start and Gem nickname make her more than precious. on 75+ Best Italian Girl Names (With Meanings) For Your Beautiful Baby, Meaning: Italian form of “Adeline”, nobility, Meaning: She Who Brings Happiness, Blessed, Meaning: Italian form of “Catherine”, Pure, Meaning: Italian form of “Elizabeth”, God of Plenty, Meaning: Italian form of “Phillipa”, Friend of horses, Meaning: Italian form of “Marcia”, Approved, Meaning: Italian form of “Rachel”, One with Purity, Meaning: Italian form of “Sophia”, Wisdom, Meaning: Italian form of “Violet”, Purple, 75+ Best Italian Girl Names (With Meanings) For Your Beautiful Baby, 75+ Best Italian Boy Names (With Meanings) For Your Cute Bambino, 75+ Best Irish Girl Names (With Meanings) For Your Charming Little Lass, 75+ Best Greek Girl Names (With Meanings) For Your Little Goddess, 75+ Best Greek Boy Names (With Meanings) For Your Little Warrior, 75+ Powerful Baby Names That Mean Strength (With Meanings), 60+ Fantastic Names Meaning Fire That Will Spark Your Interest, 175+ Best Dance Team Names That Are Perfect For Your Group. 150 Italian Girl Name Ideas for 2020 That are as Beautiful as Your Baby Bella 1. It gained popularity from the TV series named “Friends”, which had a female character named “Phoebe Buffay”. "French." See also Anabella. Greek element. Vita means full of life and energy. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? "Maiden." Ariana 10. The famous namesake is St Barbara in the Roman Catholic religion. Beautiful Italian Baby Girl Names With Meanings. Italian girl names are forever in style, with Isabella dominating the charts in recent years. Get the best name for your little princess from the list given above and give her the identity she deserves. Alessandra is an elegant choice that happens to be a variant of Alexander, and her nickname potential has our attention. It is an Italian variant of the popular name “Paula”. Explore our collection and see what beauty you discover next. Bella3▲, var. Giving a beautiful name to your little girl will make her feel nice about her. Flora is the name of the Goddess of fertility according to Roman mythology. That is the reason why old Italian girl names top the list of popular names. Based on Old German word. It is a Czech variant of the word “Agatha”, which is a Greek word. Check them out! Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. This name is often shortened and called Emily. It is an Italian variant of Lauren that means “laurel tree”. Source fr. It was also the name of a Christian martyr named Saint Agatha. Through arts, science, fashion, and food, there are lots of things around the world that have Italian influence, including baby names. A beautiful name that is often used as a short form of Amanda, and it means “one who deserves to be loved”. Latin word. This name describes the independent soul and is a very positive name for a girl. Here are 150 of the Most Popular Baby Girl Names for Newborns in 2020 11. This word has its origin in the Italian language. Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. This name has gained popularity from the English literature word “Othello” by Shakespeare. Donna is an Italian language word that means “ladylike”. It is a word having its origin in Latin. There was an animated film made with the name “Bambi”, an adaptation of a book written by Felix Salten. 10 really pretty baby boy names inspired by fall, 22 adorable autumn-inspired baby names that you will fall for.

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