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But, according to a May 2018 piece by Paul Sperry, “[a] source close to the House [of Representatives Intelligence Committee Russia] investigation” reports that Peter Strzok was “was one of the authors of the ICA “ and “the intermediary between Brennan and Comey.”. Oreo Insulted Its Customers In An Attempt to Get Woke Points, but There's a Larger Problem, Wisconsin's Voter Registration Data Follows The National Trend; It Is Bad News For Democrats, Cal Cunningham's Campaign Tries Touting His Record With Veterans, It Backfires Spectacularly, 50 Cent Crumples Like a Cheap Suit on Trump Endorsement, Tweets "F**k Donald Trump", Matthew McConaughey Slams the "Illiberal Left," Cancel Culture, and Anti-Christian Bigotry In Hollywood, "But Trump Is an A-Hole" Isn't a Valid Reason Not to Vote for Him, Oh C'mon! And, there’s a lot more that’s wrong with the story he’s telling besides that. Indeed, according to Sperry,  Adm. Rogers told congress “a two-page summary of the dossier” appears as an appendix to the classified version. And Sperry’s source received confirmation from text messages between Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page discussing a meeting between Strzok and Clapper in the weeks before the ICA’s release. Putin Breaks His Silence on Hunter Biden Email Scandal, Investigators May Finally Be Noticing Brennan's Top Secret Probe of Non-Existent Russian Collusion That Started Within Days of Crossfire Hurricane. But it went further. But in the midst of this naked attempt to absolve Obama and his people of any blame, we get a typical example of how unbelievably stupid they all are. Start by marking “Dark Orchids” as Want to Read: Error rating book. All Rights Reserved. So, without further ado, here’s an updated version of my column from last year headlined: Obama’s OTHER Russian-Election-Interference investigation. And, besides looking like a homework assignment done at the last minute by a stoned high school student who ran out of his ADHD medication, it actually includes this caveat – again, not kidding: Judgements are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. For, Paul Sperry also reported in May of 2018 that Obama’s National Security Agency Director, Michael Rogers “stated in a classified letter to Congress” that the Steele Dossier played a role in producing the ICA. This summer, as the world was thrown into uncertainty by a pandemic and our... Paul Brennan, a newspaper journalist working for the US State Dept. Moreover, we found out a few months ago that the president of the DNC tech firm that was the only entity allowed to examine their servers testified to congress that there was, in fact, no evidence that the Russians stole a single file. It couldn’t have possibly been anything wholesome, that’s for sure. . For example, it turns out they wrote the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment validating that Putin sent the most incompetent agents in all of history on one of its most significant missions when, for some reason, he took it upon himself to balance out all the corporate media’s election interference to make sure America had someone competent at the helm instead of a wretchedly corrupt mentally deteriorating bungler. Be the first to ask a question about Dark Orchids. So, it makes sense he would be one of the FBI agents Brennan chose and Comey’s representative on the task force. So the question is raised of exactly what information might have been shared and how much about Crossfire Hurricane made its way to President Obama. As you can maybe guess from its headline, the point of that Washington Post story is to brush aside the obvious fact that the Russian election interference on which Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats never tire of blaming her humiliating defeat occurred on Obama’s watch. Moreover, when you add other information we learned later, a pretty good picture of what they were up to emerges along with some interesting facts about other projects the seditious cabal took on. As Cleveland also notes: Ohr’s testimony confirms press reports that Steele flew to Rome to meet with an FBI contact and later, with approval of the assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland, “on July 5, 2016, Gaeta traveled to London and met with Steele at the offices of Steele’s firm, Orbis.” Nuland would later appear on “Face the Nation,” acknowledging that Steele passed on “two to four pages of short points,” and that their immediate reaction was “this needs to go to the FBI. Task force set up before FBI officially launched its own probe on 07/31/16, — Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) September 8, 2020. Regardless, there’s no question that he knew all about what Brennan was up to. If Paul’s Sperry’s tweet posted above is right, it started before Crossfire Hurricane, though that would place the date in July meaning that the Post’s claim that Obama wasn’t informed until early August is a little off. Since Crossfire Hurricane began on July 31, Brennan’s investigation must have begun at around exactly the same time. Given that (i) Comey was intimately involved in Brennan’s investigation, (ii) Brennan had agents from the FBI on his team, and (iii) it appears Peter Strzok numbered among them, contra Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes assertion, it’s tough to believe that a hard partition existed around the FBI investigation. The propaganda is so over the top that it’s actually kind of funny. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Journalist Jane Deith. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Captivated by the seductive but tormented Gabriella, he is ordered to travel to Colombia by Mango, his contact, who leads him into danger and deception. Now if they’ll only start paying attention to that phony Russian hack of the DNC. But the two investigations had to be opened within a week or so of each other unless the Post’s dates are way off. The Post is cagey about exactly when Brennan received this alleged “intelligence bombshell.” All we know for sure is that it must have been in or shortly before “early August,” since that’s when he sent it to the White House “in an envelope that  “carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides.” And he couldn’t have wasted much time before apprising Obama.

Nws Gray Maine, Saharan Dust Cloud Chicago, Manit Joura And Anjum Fakih, Peace Talks Wiki, Rapid City, South Dakota Time Zone, Tim Southee Debut, Miss World 2013 Runner Up, Serra Kia Michigan,

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