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[11] The conflict to control each of the counties containing these sites formed the basis of the main faction vs. faction mode. The main setting in the graphic novels is the Old West but in the film the action occurs in an alternate universe. The main character is inspired in Caleb from the game Blood by Monolith (1995). In the fight, he duels with Joshua. Temozarela explained how he and Vascar were both betrayed by God. This Unnamed Figure is seen during the events of Ivan's fall from grace. He also is able to distract opponents with roses and the folds of his cape.

They are harsh and judgmental, killing anyone who disagrees with them as a service to the Church. [13] The game received extensive previews from The Adrenaline Vault[14] and IGN's RPG Vault. Demonic preacher Jarbilong has made Saint Baldlas his home, and has desecrated the land and poisoned the citizens in preparation for his master's return. i don't mind gore etc but i it just didn't interest me, there was nothing gripping about it and there was nothing in it which made me care about the characters. But the blow only seems to add fuel Ivan's burning desire for revenge—he is looking for a little payback, and will kill anybody who crosses his path!

Betheal traps their souls within a powerful weapon called the Domas Porada, becoming the demon Belial in the process.
An interview with Hyung in Priest: Volume 3 states that the comic was inspired by the computer game Blood, which featured a similar horror-Western aesthetic and undead protagonist. He admits his true plan is to let Temozarela free. A massively multiplayer online game based on the comic was in production by South Korean developer JC Entertainment back in 2003, but was later cancelled following being renamed Rust Online.

i didn't like the artwork and hardly anything happened in the first book just lots of shooting and general gore. [1][2] He has also cited the comic as a mishmash of influences from other books, movies and games,[3] elements from a culture that he felt was underground in Korea at the time.[4]. 100 years later, Temozarela tries to seduce Betheal, but Betheal resists and eventually imprisons both himself and Temozarela in the Domas Porada. Under Achmode's panoptic gaze and influence, the townspeople have turned into walking zombies feasting on one another's bodies.
With the Domas Poradas opened, the spirit of Temozarela has escaped, but the fallen angel is too weak to survive alone. [20][21] A character called Priest also appears in the brawler game Lost Saga by South Korean developer I.O. Don't judge it from the 1st book. He is transported inside the Domas Porada finding Temozarela imprisoned and Belial standing watch. I really loved the story and the art is very eye catching and professional. When De Guillon is brought to trial for his sins, the church sends their top priest to serve as prosecutor – Belial Gabarre. When Ivan comes to town at high noon, heads will roll.

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