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Catholic Company exclusive items. Free standard mail carriers. He lived from 1495-1550 in Portugal, Spain and North Africa. The other account is that St. Lucy tore her own eyes out after her rejected suitor, intent on engaging in a relationship with the chaste St. Lucy, made a comment about the beauty of her eyes. In 1988, Duomo di Siracusa (Cathedral of Syracuse) received the left humerus bone of St. Lucy. *Must type in code at checkout to receive 20% off We celebrate by getting together at a nice restaurant for food and drink, and doing a gift exchange of paperback books. Free standard shipping (Contiguous U.S. only) will She is sometimes depicted holding a palm branch (symbolizing martyrdom), with a lamp, a dagger, or two oxen. Wearing the lights on her head allowed her to see and also kept her hands free to carry more provisions. And in the third part, “Paradisio,” Dante portrays her besides Adam. One account of how St. Lucy lost her eyes was that the Roman governor, Paschasius, had his guards seize St. Lucy and gouge out both of her eyes after she told him that he would face punishment by God because he was a pagan. For many years, the Flatiron Writers have had a tradition of celebrating St. Lucy’s Day, December 13th. “Lucy” means “light” or “lucid.” Here are ten fascinating facts about St. Lucy, a martyr who inspired classic literature and Renaissance painters, and is a model for virtuous men and women everywhere. She was recognized by the early Christians because of her martyrdom, and by the whole Catholic Church by the 6th century. Bible Commentary Bible Verses Devotionals Faith Prayers Coloring Pages Pros and Cons, Romans 6:23 Meaning of for the Wages of Sin Is Death, Proverbs 16:1 Meaning of from the Lord Comes the Proper Answer of the Tongue, Proverbs 13:22 Meaning of a Sinner’s Wealth Is Stored up for the Righteous, Man Ought to Always Pray and Not Faint Meaning and Meditation, Proverbs 12:25 Meaning of Anxiety Weighs down the Heart, 40 Transcendent Bible Scriptures on Creation, Proverbs 11:29 Meaning of Will Inherit Only Wind, 30 Important Bible Scriptures on Consistency, Matthew 6:5 Meaning of When You Pray, Do Not Be like the Hypocrites. Unable to move her, the soldiers tied her to a team of oxen and attempted to drag her away. Expires 11:59 p.m. PST on The story of St. Lucy’s martyrdom is one of the most inspiring tales from early Christianity. Excludes gift cards and Saint Lucy is the patron of blind people, salesmen, sore eyes, writers, laborers, and authors. She is the patron saint of the city of Syracuse (Sicily) and of virgins. 11/4/19. Unbreakable Link Catholic Relic Chaplet of St. Lucy of Syracuse - Patron Saint of Eye and Throat Problems, Laborers, Salespeople and Writers foodforthesoul From shop foodforthesoul Celebrate Saint Lucy--Patron Saint of Writers. St. Lucy is (one of several) patron saints of writers, perhaps because of the connection between writing and eyesight–poor Lucy had her eyes gouged out. St. Lucy was born in 283AD to a noble family in Syracuse, Sicily, and her father, of Roman origin, died when she was only five years old. #2 Saint Lucy’s “Canonization” Date Is Unknown The specific date of when St. Lucy’s was considered to become a saint is unclear. The Church of Santa Lucia was demolished in 1860 to make way for a railway station, and her remains were sent to the Church of San Geremia. automatically applied at checkout for subtotals She finally died when her rejected suitor stabbed her in her neck with a sword. Lucy, whose name can mean "light" or "lucid," is the patron saint of the blind. SIGN UP AND GET 15% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE. In addition to St. Lucy, St. Felicity, St. Perpetua, St. Agatha, St. Agnes, St. Cecilia, and St. Anastasia are the only female saints mentioned during the Eucharistic Prayer I. Excludes gift cards and Saint Lucy is an example of a woman so strong in her faith that she pulled her own eyes out before she was martyred. The tradition of wearing a lighted wreath as a crown is because St. Lucy would wear a wreath lighted with candles on her head when she brought food and supplies to the impoverished Christians hiding in the dark catacombs from persecution. Other #7 The Location of Saint Lucy’s Famous Statue Is in the Vatican There is a 10ft 4in statue of St. Lucy holding a palm branch on the North Colonnade of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. information. #6 Saint Lucy’s Remains Are in Venice, Italy and Syracuse, Sicily The remains of St. Lucy are spread between two cities. restrictions may apply. but not the book writers it seems Poets in general have a choice - Brigid of Ireland , Cecilia , Columba ,David – Cecilia is also the patron saint of musicians so I suppose that’s linking poetry and music. They gathered sticks and twigs and placed them around St. Lucy and set the wood on fire. There are patron saints for Bookkeepers, Bookbinders, Booksellers, book trade . I decided to start a novena to Saint Lucy, whose intercession with Divine Providence is so powerful for the healing of the eyes. . St. Lucy's feast day is December 13th. That did not work, so the soldiers then decided to burn her alive. Her small brothers, the “Star Boys,” will follow her, wearing white robes and cone-shaped hats with gold stars on them, and carrying star-tipped wands.

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