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“He suggested I find a non-league team because I was just a young lad and he didn’t want to take my football away. Gary and Paul try to track down the directors of a company operating a village pub who owe more than £2,300 to an electricity supplier, but are caught in the middle of a bitter dispute between the pub landlord and her son. Later, Paul joins Steve to evict a man who owes nearly £10,000 in rent. Posted by Rose Feddema (Friend) On Tuesday, February 16, 2016, Posted by Bob Hannah (employee) On Saturday, February 13, 2016, Posted by Mark and Federica Winterton (Nephew) On Friday, February 12, 2016, Posted by Barb anf Bruce Ford (friends) On Friday, February 12, 2016, Posted by Susan Genest (Acquaintance) On Friday, February 12, 2016, Posted by Currie McLean (Friend/ fellow employee/ Mason) On Friday, February 12, 2016, Posted by Ralph Middleton (Friend) On Friday, February 12, 2016, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada, Ronald McDonald House Southwestern Ontario, Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Canada. “I was doing really well with the club I signed for, Burscough, and a number of scouts were keeping an eye on me,” he said. The professional playing part of his football life didn’t last as long as he would have chosen or produce the medals that have been hung around the necks of his Ballon d’Or, FA Cup and Champions League-winning peers. To send this moment to your friends, enter their email addresses below: To be notified of any updates to this moment, enter your email address: Your email is not publicly shown and is used to notify you when your submission is approved. “When we were on the pre-season camp with Ivano Bonetti in Italy it broke down and he sent me to a specialist in Bologna. Stewart and Iain visit a woman who owes £1,800 to a veterinary surgery after she refused to pay them, claiming they misdiagnosed her dog. “The mad thing was I found my feet again at Lancaster and started scoring. Paul and Steve attempt to reclaim £45,000 owed by a man to his ex-wife, but discover that he has signed his current business over to his sister to prevent any assets being seized. There was nothing unique about a gifted young striker being spotted early by his local club, spending year after year playing academy football for them but not finding the offer of a full-time contract at the end of it, mind you. That it diverted via Dens Park will forever be a source of pride and accomplishment. – S1 – Episode 3", "Can't Pay? A lot of foreign players started coming in, which was the direction the club was going in. [citation needed] On 5 October 2016 two further new agents were introduced into the series, Gareth Short and Craig Vernall. There are five different series, with the fourth and fifth series being made up of multiple parts. You can’t really do much about it, can you? See Photos. “That was my baptism of fire. Paul and Max visit an estate agent who owes £5,500 to a dissatisfied customer. Gary and Cona chase a debt of £4,000 owed by a car dealer, but are given the runaround by the debtor and his friend as they try to identify which of them is the owner of two highly-lucrative vehicles. Stewart and Iain head to a farm in Wales to recover £2,500 owed to a supplier, but are forced to deal with the debtor's wife. It was Jeff who was the chairman of Steve's Testimonial Commitee. Matt and Garry try to reclaim £13,000 owed by a garage in Birmingham to a dissatisfied customer, but despite police attendance from the outset, tempers flare and the agents find themselves caught up in the middle of a mass brawl. Del and Dael visit a man who owes £3,800 to a dissatisfied customer whom he sold a car to, but find he has very few assets to seize. Stewart, Iain, Paul, Steve and Ben attend a mass eviction of squatters from a disused nursery in South-West London, but come up against barricades, bolted doors and a number of angry residents. DCBL subsequently added a page on their website with profiles of each of the agents featured in the series. For as little as £5.99 a month you can access all of our content, including Premium articles. Del and Dael attempt to reclaim nearly £7,000 owed by a man to his ex-girlfriend. Stewart and Iain attempt to reclaim a debt owed by a builder, but are threatened with violence by the man and his friends from the building site. Phil Short also guest starred in Episode 9. “It was difficult to make that decision at such a young age and not try and find another professional football club to play for. This half-series sees the introduction of one new agent, Dael Anglin, Delroy's son. Matt and Garry visit a newsagent who owes more than £10,000 in false deposit fees, but despite claims that he is unable to pay, Garry finds a carrier bag stuffed with £7,000 in used notes. Works at Wickes. Claudio Caniggia: Our new documentary on the signing which lit up Dundee 20 years ago. “Steve got me back into the club. [24] The cast for the second half of the series remains unchanged, with Bohill, Steve Pinner, Ben Pinner, McCracken, Taylor, O'Shaughnessy, Anglin and Victor all returning. Meanwhile, Paul and Phil deal with the unpaid debt of former professional footballer. “I loved it with Jocky and didn’t see his departure coming at all. Gary and Cona are confronted by a knife-wielding debtor whilst attempting to recover £11,000 owed to a claims company. “I’ve got a lot of good memories from the football but equally from outside the game. You could see straight away how good he was. Paul, Steve and Ben attempt to evict a gang of squatters taking up residence in a central London office block, but struggle to enter the property. Liverpool to Aberdeen wasn’t the easiest! Meanwhile, Stuart and Iain are confronted by the family and friends of a debtor in Surrey, who threaten violence against them if they try to seize any assets. Carlton Palmer got the job and that was that. [2] Both Jones and Wood subsequently only appeared in the first series, with Bohill and Pinner (High Court Solutions) the only two cast members who went on to appear in series two. Paul and Steve are called to an eviction where the landlord wants to move back into his property, but are greeted by an angry tenant who refuses to leave. Meanwhile, we catch up with three previous debtors to see how life has been for them since the programme aired. “I gave everything I had to try and make it happen as a player at Liverpool. A foodie’s guide to Halloween: The activities you can do to make the day fun while following current rules, Double tragedy: Memorial call for Dundee sandboat victims who perished in 1953, Salt harvesting is coming back to St Monans after £52,000 crowdfunding success.

Stephen Silvagni 2020, 1000 Qar To Usd, Rams Schedule 2019 Record, Eric Kush Raiders Jersey, Metric Art Of Doubt, Hm Revenue And Customs, Tim Brown Stats, Las Vegas Raiders Vs Denver Broncos 2020, Metro Cold Storage Detroit, Mi, Douglas Fir Lumber, Ovv Stock News,

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